Sunday, November 21, 2010

Darwin as the God of Evolution?

By Yu-Chi Huang

Nine out of ten people has probably claimed they read Origin of Species by Charles Darwin. Ten out of ten people has probably declared the theory of evolution came from Charles Darwin. So is that really the case? Personally, I have heard of Darwin's theory of evolution on natural selection and sexual selection, though, has never actually read any of his work until this class. I remember a friend came over to my house one day while I was reading Charles Darwin's Origin of Species. He, biology major, said Darwin's Origin of Species is the "bible" in biology. When asked if he had read it, the answer was a probable "no". Thus, who made Darwin the god of evolution?

Shaw and Butler both argued Darwin was not the primary evolutionist to come up with Natural Selection. It was just no one has the declaration like Darwin. My argument is Darwin's idea came out at the right time and right place with the right pillar. First, Darwin's idea was presented in an era where people were seeking for answers of how to define the world. Second, Darwin's reasoning was easier to understand, he, as a naturalist, brings upon nature to justify his analysis of evolution. On one of his voyage, he discovered 13 species of finches on Galapagos Island and found out that they all have different beak size and shape. The beak size and shape where related to different regime of food sources. He concluded when the original South American Finches migrated to the island, they modify to fit into the environment and adapt themselves to different conditions. The result of this finding has lead to Darwin's theory of natural selection. Third, Darwin's replication words have made people believe in his theory. Shaw criticize Darwin's repeat of words to be insufficient evidence to prove his point of view. In the end, Darwin parrot people into believing his theory not corroboration.

I correspond to Shaw's statement on Darwin is not the method of evolution but a method of evolution as he did not give enough evidence to convince me of his theories on evolution. The world is made out of our mental language of inspiration view. Physical cause and effect is not necessary, as we experience the sensation we have, the physical matter is just words we use to explain our experiences, as Hume would argue. Darwin is just using words to explain his experience which cannot be theories of evolution. We use experience to normalize the world; however, we will never be certain that things will still be the way it is in the next mirror minute. In this case, Darwin's believe on force of nature is put into question. In the end, the counter argument from Hume and Shaw has vanquished Darwin's Natural selection and has won my vote.

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